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Camper Care Coordinator – West

The Camper Care Coordinator reports to the Camp Director and will:

  • Be responsible for the health and welfare of campers and communicating with parents on a session and daily basis
  • Ensure attention to detail with regard to camper hygiene and cleanliness
  • Collect and read camper evaluations that will occur twice during each session
  • Ensure that all campers are writing letters home where appropriate
  • Organize daily bunk logs, make sure counselors fill them out and turn them in, as well as reading through bunk logs and make sure camper needs are met
  • Be a part of the Camper Care Team made up of the Camp Director, Head Counselor, Camper Care Coordinator and Inclusion Coordinator. The camper care team will address certain behavioral challenges requiring additional attention. Certain behavioral challenges may fall under the work of the Inclusion Coordinator, though there may also be overlap

If you are a responsible, detail-oriented and warm youth professional excited about maintaining camper quality of life at camp, we encourage you to apply!


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