Blog  Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel: Interview with Lior Ben-Tsur

Hi-Tech Entrepreneurship in Israel: Interview with Lior Ben-Tsur

Tomorrow is Yom HaAtzmaut and to celebrate we are learning about innovation in Israel!

Members of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism, have been instrumental in Israel’s hi-tech innovation world. When Greg and Rachel visited Israel to plan for the Sci-Tech Israel program, they got to meet with high-tech entrepreneur Lior Ben-Tsur at a Reform Synagogue in Netanya.

Lior is the CEO of Vibrant Gastro, a producer of chemical-free vibrating capsules for treatment of constipation. Lior told us about his experience in the Start-Up world in Israel.

Who are you?

My name is Lior Ben-Tsur and I am a Jewish Israeli, living in Israel. I am married to Ariela and we have 3 children: Oded, my elder son (30), a Major in the IDF special units, Amit, my daughter (25), a student, and Eran, my youngest son (23), preparing for University.

I am a start-up person, driven and excited by creating changes. I have enjoyed over 20 years of operation in various industries, including Food, Fashion, Hi-Tech/Software, and Life Science.

For the last 6 years I had the opportunity to lead a fascinating start-up company called – Vibrant.

What is Vibrant?

Vibrant developed a Vibrating capsule for treatment of constipation. This is the first and only chemical-free and side-effect free treatment for chronic constipation.

The innovation is: mechanically stimulating the peristaltic wave, which is the natural mechanism that enable transfer of food from the stomach to the rectum to evacuation.

Our idea was to mimic this natural activity. Through the vibration algorism that we developed, we create `mechanical stimulation` in the large intestine that results in better transit time of food through the large intestine, thus – enables spontaneous bowel movement to constipated patients, without using drugs.

Why is Vibrants work important in the world?

Vibrant became very meaningful to me (whereby my family also became an investor in the company), as we found during the development of the product, that we can actually make a big difference for a lot of people around the world, whose quality of life has been badly affected, due to chronic constipation. We are talking about 12%-19% of worldwide population who suffers from constipation (predominantly women of various ages).

Vibrant team became very encouraged, when we started to see the clinical results, which indicated that the capsule vibration is not felt by the patients, while at the same time – their symptoms and spontaneous bowel movement improves significantly, thus improving their quality of life.

How do your Jewish values play into your work with Vibrant or your other work?

I am a true believer that Jewish values play an important role in my life, in my decision making and in the way I envision my expectation from myself.

Some examples:

To be fair in negotiations with suppliers and strive for a win-win deal, that does not bend my supplier, just because I can.

Pay the employees what they deserve, even if it is above the on-going rate due to fierce competition on job positions.

Assist new comers to Israel, who made Aliya, by offering them a job.

Devote time to develop products that provide a meaningful contribution to as many people as possible (Vibrant solution may positively impact a lot of patients worldwide).

Evolve, embrace changes, innovate – I have been moving between industries in a continuous search to make a difference.

All above are Jewish values which I cherish.

This summer, our teens on Sci-Tech Israel will get to work with Lior and other Reform Jewish entrepreneurs. We can’t wait to see what they innovate!