Blog  Opening Day: GO!

Opening Day: GO!

Opening Day: Go!

by Amelia Lavranchuk, Program and Media Coordinator

On Tuesday, we greeted campers arriving for the third and final session of Summer 2016! It was a beautiful, sunny day as parents pulled onto campus to drop off their campers. Our intersession campers were close at hand, enthusiastically helping counselors move bags into rooms and welcome new campers. Pretty soon, everyone was chatting like old friends over board games in the common room–Pokemon included!


Once everyone was unpacked, we met on the lawn for some more hall bonding over a picnic lunch. Then, all camp assembled together for the first time for some ice breakers. Campers from all different age groups got to know a little about each other, as they challenged each other to games of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock, and found groups that shared a common interest. After that, campers regrouped into their halls and rotated through a series of science and engineering challenges. They competed to build molecules out of cups and pipes in a molecule relay race, worked together to devise a paper structure that would support the weight of a textbook–or 3–and attempted to decipher a secret code.


After welcoming our final arrivals from the airport, campers got to get started in the workshop they pre-selected–Robotics, Earth and Sky, Web and Graphic Design, Programming and Coding, Digital Film Production, Forensics, BioZone or Video Game Design–right away with an introductory session. They also had the opportunity to tour camp with their halls and learn all the different buildings that we use during the summer (and where some Pokemon might be hiding).


To conclude our exciting first day, we gathered in the outdoor sanctuary for opening ceremony. Campers participated enthusiastically as we sang songs and celebrated meeting new friends and reconnecting with old. Our visiting faculty for this week, Lisa Friedman and Cantor Michelle Rubel, introduced camp to our five core values–kesher (connection), taglit (discovery), kavod (respect), sakranut (curiosity), and savlanut (patience)–with help from our oldest returning campers, who spoke movingly about how these values carried over from their lives at camp to their lives during the year.


We also completed our additions to this summer’s iteration of the Sci-Tech DNA sculpture. Each camper received a colorful wind chime “base pair”, on which they wrote a value that they believe to be part of the DNA of our summer at Sci-Tech. Once these were added to the chimes hung during first and second session this year, our DNA was finally full, truly reflecting all of the amazing qualities that our campers and staff have brought to camp this summer.


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