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TECH Talks, Take Two

TECH Talks, Take Two

By Sam Kazer, Communications Specialist

As staff at URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy, we are always blown away by the amazing things our campers create, say, think, and do. TECH Talks (in the style of the wildly successful TED Talks) gives campers an opportunity to sum up all of their discoveries and creations into a fantastic evening where everybody in attendance can’t help but say “WOW”! TED Talks are emceed by Brett Lubarsky, our head counselor and all-around generator of smiles among the staff and the campers. In between his jokes and introductions, our campers debuted their films, revealed their robots, and demoed their video games – essentially the amalgamation of all the hard work and fun they had over the last 12 days. See just how amazing our campers are in the videos below.

Digital Media Production

Campers in Digital Media Production had their first screening of the movies they planned, written, produced, acted, soundboarded, filmed, and edited. Both Benchpressive (5th-6th grade) and Dormitory of Disappearance (7th-9th grade) were well received by camp with ample applause. Each camper then received a star award for their excellent films.


In a fashion more similar to traditional TED Talks, campers discussed their progress and innovations in the Robotics workshop. Robotics, according to our brilliant campers, tested their savlanut (patience) and lead them to learn about group dynamics and developing as a team. Devon, lead instructor, showed off their savlanut in their Rube Goldberg Machine videos. Finally campers let the rest of camp play with their robots on the show floor.

Video Game Design

Missing from the Video Game Design TECH Talks again were Lead Instructor Danny and Assistant Instructor Kevin; in their stead Mario and Luigi hosted the Video Game Design portion of the talk. Campers gameplay footage and commentary was screened followed by a live demo on the big screen of two of games created this session. After the screenings, other campers had an opportunity to play the games created by the teams in Video Game Design.

We loved every minute of 2nd Session’s TECH Talks and are so impressed by our amazing campers! To close out the talks, the 2nd Session slideshow was debuted and cake was had for all!

Author: urjyouth

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