Blog  Asking Big Questions: Science, Judaism and Creating a New Camp

Asking Big Questions: Science, Judaism and Creating a New Camp

by Robbie Berg
Assistant Director, URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy

When I tell my friends and family that I am working at a Jewish science and technology camp, the question I am most often asked is, “How do those relate?” To me, it seems like a natural pairing. The core foundation of both science and Judaism is asking questions. In school kids review the scientific method, and the first step is formulating a question. Science and technology evolve as people ask more questions: why do objects fall down? Can we make this computer even smaller? What would happen if we invented a car that didn’t require gasoline? By asking questions and challenging the status quo, scientists and engineers develop new models and products that change the way we see the world.

Reform Judaism approaches religion in a similar way. For instance, one of the Ten Commandments is to keep Shabbat. We can then ask more questions: What does “keeping Shabbat” mean? How can we separate this day from the rest? Which traditions and rituals are important to us as a family or congregation? Like scientists, Reform Jews learn from a large body of knowledge and supplement it with new understandings, creating new traditions and practices and goals. By asking more questions, we also change the way we see the world.

The staff of URJ 6 Points Sci-Tech Academy are asking lots of questions to create a fun and transformative experience for our campers.

Here are some of the questions we have been thinking about.

What kinds of projects do you want?

What Jewish traditions will be integral in this camp?

What will our inquisitive and welcome community look like?

Which activities are going to be the most fun for you?

Ask questions, answer questions and be a part of the conversation by commenting on our blog! We can’t wait to see you this Summer!

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